ASMFC approves herring 10percent rollover, seasonal quota splits, closure triggers

ALEXANDRIA, VA – With no dissent and very little discussion, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s (ASMFC) Atlantic Herring Section voted on Aug. 6 to approve Addendum VI to Amendment 2 of the interstate herring plan.

The addendum:

  •   Allows seasonal splitting of sub-annual catch limits (sub-ACLs) for Areas 1B, 2, and 3, which up to now were only authorized for Area 1A;
  •   Allows for up to 10% of unused quota in a management area to be carried over “to the first fishing season after final landings data are available,” provided the ACL for the entire fishery is not exceeded;
  •   Establishes triggers to close the directed fishery when 92% of a sub-ACL in an individual management area is projected to be reached and when 95% of the total stock-wide ACL is projected to be reached; and
  •   Authorizes ASMFC to set or modify sub-ACL triggers using the simpler annual specification process rather than by addendum.


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