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EDITORIAL: Boats - Big ones, small ones, and a legend called Osmond

Okay.  Stick another log on the fire and settle in. You’ve got some reading to do this month, just in time for these blowy February days. In this issue you will find our annual Year of New Boats review, sponsored by Furuno.  This special 16...

A visit with Osmond Beal: Corned Hake & ginger cake

by Brian Robbins  BEALS ISLAND, ME – The thermometer was struggling to get above zero – and who knew what it was with the wind chill. It was a Saturday, the end of a week that reminded you of what winters in Maine used to be: cold with...

NAFO offers new opportunities for US fishermen

GLOUCESTER, MA – Fishing in the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) Regulatory Area is making a slow comeback from the days when US vessels fished the Grand Banks back in the 1960s and 70s. The Dartmouth, Nova Scotia-based NAFO is o...

ESA Section 7 consultation re-initiated for right whales; new TRT subgroups formed

As this issue was going to press in mid-January, three environmental groups filed a lawsuit against NOAA Fisheries and the Dept. of Commerce in an effort to force the federal government to provide greater protection for North Atlantic right whales. ...

Wind farm developers say key to working with fishermen is to get engaged and stay engaged

  NEW BEDFORD, MA – BayState Wind, the offshore wind energy project in the Massachusetts Wind Energy Area, is in the process of preparing its construction and operation plan (COP) while awaiting data from the meteorological buoy it launched...

FISH SAFE - Understanding wind chill:  Why should we care?

Wind chill is a subjective measure of how cold it feels on the skin of humans and animals. Wind chill is also a measure of the rate of heat loss and, as a result, the temperature we perceive it to be. If you have the <www.weather.com> app...

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