December 2015


Remembering Winnie Lash 7/5/18 – 11/9/15

From 1977, from left: Wesley Lash, mechanic Tom Peacock, Winnie Lash, and Wayne Havener, owner of the Lash Brothers-built 35-footer Stephanie G.Photo courtesy Penobscot Marine Museum; Red ...

Editorial: We need to know more about impact of warming ocean waters

For years fishermen, fisheries managers, and the academic/scientific community have been trying to understand the near collapse of Gulf of Maine cod stocks and explain the apparent failure of decades of rebuilding effort. We all know the conversat...

Saving fuel by the barrel

Liberty outfits with the GenTech GT50/60 by Ben L. Evridge NEW BEDFORD, MA – Fifty gallons per day of fuel saved, and 100 days of working his big steel boat offshore.  That’s how vessel owner Dan Eilertsen describes the benefits so far of his ...

Wesmac’s Steve Wessel: In for the long haul

by Brian Robbins   SURRY, ME – Mention Steve Wessel’s name to anyone familiar with Maine boat building and their reply is likely to be: “You mean the Wesmac guy? Man – they’ve built some boats over the years.” Which is tr...

A year in the life of a lobster: Part 2 – Lobsters in winter

What lobsters are doing in winter depends a great deal on where they are living. The lobsters that live next door to me in the lobster pound seem to be downright inactive, but that doesn’t really mean they aren’t doing anything at all.  When ...

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