Editorial – Fishermen need to vote on November 6

Fishermen need to vote on November 6

The message is simple.  Wherever you live, wherever you fish, on the first Tuesday in November get out and vote.  

Yes, we know. Your senses are saturated from the endless barrage of political ads.  You just want it all to go away.  Us too.

And you say, why lose a day of decent fall fishing just to go cast a vote that probably won’t make a difference anyway?

We get it. 

But this year, maybe more than ever, fishermen’s voices need to be heard by our elected officials – locally, regionally, nationally.

Whatever your hot button issue – the prospect of more onerous whale rules, concerns about offshore wind farms, protecting the working waterfront, or a whole host of other things — the best way to send a message is with your vote.

Yes, your vote.  Your one single vote.  It matters.

Don’t think so?  Just remember that those who have other plans for our fishing grounds and our fishing communities know how to mobilize and get out the vote – and elect officials who advance their interests.

So stay home this November 6 at your own peril.  Get out and vote.  /cfn/


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