Editorial – Relax. Sit a spell. Read this issue.

As this issue was going to press, much of the region was getting its first real taste of winter.  Dooryards were filling up with gear and for many it marked the unofficial end of another season.

It is a time, of course, to give thanks.  To count our blessings, cherish our families, and take a long deep breath before jumping right back in.

But we hope sometime over the coming days you will also find a few minutes to sit a spell, relax, and read through this issue.  It’s a good one.

Everyone loves boats – but there would be no boats without the unique bounty of builders, finishers, designers, and supporting services that grace our region.

We showcase a few of them this month.  And they deserve it.

Thanks to all of those who work so hard to keep our fishermen fishing, and thank you for supporting them.

Enjoy.  /cfn/ 


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