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A visit with New England Marine Engineering’s Paul Nosworthy 

I was a good hour into my conversation with New England Marine Engineering (NEME) founder/owner Paul Nosworthy when I realized something: We hadn’t even reached the point in the story when NEME comes into the picture (1979). In fact, we hadn’t talked much about freezers or icemakers; we hadn’t gotten into heating or cooling systems; we …

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Wheel Watch – Once upon a time east of the Cheese House

By Brian Robbins There was a time when, if you told somebody you were headed east of the Cheese House, they’d tell you be sure to grab a fish sandwich at Tall Barney’s. None of that means much any more. On a recent swing Downeast, I realized that two important landmarks from the past had …

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WHEEL WATCH: Moises Ortiz – Puerto Rican roots; Downeast heart

Michael Hunt’s 46’ Gavin & Dawson – our cover boat this month – is a pretty elaborate and well laid-out boat.  When Mike tells me that it took about 7-1/2 months to build it, I’m not shocked; but when I realize that finisher Moises Ortiz worked by himself for much of the project, I am …

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