WHEEL WATCH: Moises Ortiz – Puerto Rican roots; Downeast heart

Michael Hunt’s 46’ Gavin & Dawson – our cover boat this month – is a pretty elaborate and well laid-out boat.  When Mike tells me that it took about 7-1/2 months to build it, I’m not shocked; but when I realize that finisher Moises Ortiz worked by himself for much of the project, I am surprised.

“It was a lot for one guy to do, for sure,” says Mike.  “But Moises doesn’t mess around.  And he does nice work.”

I’ll second that.

Though Moises grew up in Puerto Rico (and still has family there), he considers Maine home.  When recounting how he moved to the area in the early 2000s and began to find his own way, Moises mentions two people in particular who helped him: Dick Pinkham and Dana Rice Sr.

“Dickie hired me at RP Boat back in …

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