Product News: N-Viro scallop dredge

PEMBROKE, ME – Now available in the US, N-Viro Dredge is a Scottish-born and patented product that harvests scallops from the seabed using spring tines rather than cutting bars.

These tines allow non-targeted species or juvenile stocks to pass under the dredge and not end up in the bag or belly to be crushed or to die.

prod-4Each small, lightweight head-bail slides on 2” wide skids following the seabed contours and gently ‘tickling’ scallops off the sea floor – while leaving rocks, debris, and non-targeted species behind.

The new dredge saves fishermen money while also protecting the seafloor ecology leaving juvenile scallops, fish, and lobsters behind.

Scallop fishermen equipped with this dredge will see a marked decrease in fuel costs, dredge maintenance, towing times, and boat/gear wear – making their operations much more profitable.

Crews will see a decrease in their labor sorting the catch – less rocks, less debris, cleaner scallops, and better paychecks.

The N-Viro’s fishability on super rocky bottoms will open up scallop beds that typically were avoided and help spread out local fleets.

These dredges are modular in nature, allowing for single or multiple units to be towed behind a towbar.

Large vessels may tow gangs of dredges of more than a dozen per side while a small inshore skiff may fish just one.

All N-Viro Dredge parts are made on jigs and are identical – for ease of replacing tines, bellies, or even entire dredges.  This means no more lost time for dredge repairs when fishing offshore.

Replacement dredges are small enough to be carried aboard, and replacement parts are always available.

Tine depth can be adjusted for different seabed types by raising or lowering the spring-bars  with two set bolts.

N-Viro Dredge is being imported and offered by Gulf of Maine Inc. under the name N-Viro Dredge USA.

Orders are being taken now for a mid-November delivery of a container-load of dredges and spare parts arriving.

Demo dredges and spare parts can been seen now at Gulf of Maine’s
Route 1 offices in Pembroke.

For additional information call Tim and Amy Sheehan at (207) 726-4620; e-mail: <>; or visit <>.


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