Mixed messages in “2014 Update to American Lobster Settlement Index”

The following is this year’s “Update 2014 to the American Lobster Settlement Index,” prepared and presented here by Rick Wahle and his colleagues at the University of Maine’s Darling Center.  Our thanks to Dr. Wahle and his team for sharing this important information once again this year with our readers.  



WALPOLE, ME – As the American Lobster Settlement Index (ALSI) passed its quarter century mark in 2014, it continued to chronicle dramatic shifts in lobster nursery populations that may have important consequences for the the fishery.

The Gulf of Maine’s widespread lobster settlement downturn in 2013 continued a spate of poor years that had many wondering whether a decline in lobster landings might lie ahead.

With another mediocre showing in 2014, that question will probably continue to trouble stakeholders in the region’s premier fishery.

In the meantime however, the per-pound value of lobster has rebounded nicely from the 50-year lows (in real dollars) of the past few years to provide much of the region its most valuable catch ever.

For example, Maine reported an impressive 23% increase (in value) from the year before, even with a 3% drop in volume…


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