Jason Joyce wants you to see the light – and stay afloat

SWANS ISLAND, ME – Lobsterman Jason Joyce didn’t get into selling LED lights because he was looking for a side business … he simply wanted to be able to see what he was doing when it was dark.

After experimenting with numerous types of bulbs from different suppliers, Jason happen to connect with the right person at the right time: a salesman from ROM Corporation (a supplier for emergency and utility vehicle lighting) told him, “You know what?  You ought to try an LED light.”

Jason says he was impressed as soon as he hit the switch.  “I’m a typical redneck, so I like a lot of lights,” he says, laughing.  “But just seeing a light-emitting diode that hardly uses any juice blow a halogen light out of the water was pretty amazing.”

The true test, of course, came with time.  But once their lights proved they were built to last, Jason talked with ROM about promoting their products to fishermen.  And from there, Atlantic LED & Gear LLC was born…

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