Truly one of a kind

Whether you’re talking about multi-talented NJ fisherman Bruce Klawunn or his 50’ C Rae, the term applies

By Brian Robbins

KEYPORT, NJ – I’m not a betting man, but if I was, I’d wager that you’d be stumped trying to guess the pedigree of New Jersey lobsterman Bruce Klawunn’s 50’ C Rae.

Even if you’d been right there alongside me aboard the chase boat as Mark Kasunich maneuvered us to get the sun at the camera’s back, I’m pretty confident you wouldn’t have known what you were looking at.

C Rae doesn’t make much fuss going through the water.
(Brian Robbins photo)

Bow-on, C Rae’s raised foredeck might’ve had you thinking, “Novi hull?” but her trim beam (15’) would’ve quickly steered you away from that notion.

Was that a Downeast sheer line?  Sorta/kinda/not really …

Running alongside C Rae as Bruce Klawunn throttled her up, you could see the aqua-colored hull clear her forefoot neatly, but that was about it; no bow-pointed-to-the-heavens sailing attitude for C Rae.

And back at her stern quarters – were those … chines?

The fact of the matter is, there’s only one C Rae.

And wait until you hear her story.

The path to C Rae

Bruce Klawunn grew up in Keyport, NJ on Raritan Bay.  While his father Fred – a WWII veteran who founded Sine-Tru Tool Co. – was no doubt the inspiration for Bruce’s machining and welding abilities, working on the water held its own sort of…

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