SW Boatworks keeps on growing

by Brian Robbins

When Stewart Workman first opened SW Boatworks in Lamoine in 2000, the shop’s main focus was custom finishing of hulls from other shops.  Thirteen years later, the offer still stands, and one of SW’s projects this winter will be a 46′ Wesmac lobster boat.

But, the acquisition of Calvin Beal’s molds in 2008 was a turning point for SW, and the addition a year later of the Young Brothers’ molds now gives Workman’s customers a large range of sizes and models to choose from.

Earlier this year, the first of the new 30’x12′ hulls designed by Beal hit the water – a roomy, economical design that Workman is excited about.

Recently SW finished construction on a new building located alongside its existing lay-up shop.

“I was envisioning this as a utility building to handle overflow from the lay-up shop,” said Workman, “but it’s already filling up with project boats.”

SW’s new twin-bay building primarily will be used for repowers and repairs, said Workman.  An overhead crane makes for easy engine handling, and the building can comfortably handle up to a 50′ hull.

“Our goal is to become a full-service yard,” Workman said.





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