Scoping sessions on squid fishery capacity favor no action now, further discussion on latent permits

NEW BEDFORD, MA – Recent Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council squid capacity scoping session played to small crowds but with a consistent reaction: no action was the preferred alternative by the commercial fishermen in attendance.

The council’s proposed scoping document starts the process for amending the Atlantic Mackerel, Squid, Butterfish Fishery Management Plan (MSB FMP).

After fishing industry members initially raised concerns about large numbers of latent permits three years ago, control dates for longfin and Illex squid were set in May and August of 2013 respectively and the issue was scheduled for review in the 2015 implementation plan.

The scoping document is part of a process that identifies potential impacts, alternatives, and issues of a proposed action.

Some of the actions the council might consider are:

  • Requalification of permits;
  • A tiered-access system;
  • A limited access privilege program, also known as a “catch share” or “individual fishing quota” program;
  • Or the council may decide to take no action…


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