Rhode Island Engine: evolving with the fleet

NARRAGANSETT, RI – “You know, I’ve resisted doing anything like this for a long time,” says Jay Gallup in his big ol’ Rhode Island-accented voice.

The “this” Jay’s referring to is an interview: talking about his family’s business, Rhode Island Engine (RIE).  But after discussing it with his brother David (the two are co-owners of RIE these days), Jay has consented to sit down with me.

“We’ve always kind of just done our own thing over the years, you know?” he says.  “You don’t talk about what you do – you do it, right?”

Above, the Brothers Gallup - David (left) and Jay - on the Rhode Island Engine wharf.

Above, the Brothers Gallup – David (left) and Jay – on the Rhode Island Engine wharf.

Hang around Jay Gallup for an hour or two and you’re going to get plenty of bumper sticker-worthy quotes.  And he means every word.

Jay sits back in his chair and a little of the boom goes out of his voice.  “But, you know, David and I talked about it and … we’ve got a good crew and we’re proud of what we do; what our father did; what our grandfather started.  So, maybe it’s a good thing …”

He points to my digital recorder, sitting between us atop his desk.

“Is that thing on?”

“Yep,” I say.

“So … whattaya want to know?”





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