Maine Line – Mattie Lynn II: she’s a big girl

New 42 gets the XXL beam treatment

Sometimes 15’3″ just isn’t wide enough.

Take Matt Huntley’s new 42 Osmond Mattie Lynn II, for instance.  H&H Marine of Steuben, ME offers the Osmond Beal-designed model with a standard beam of a little over 15 feet – but Bucks Harbor lobsterman Matt Huntley wanted all the optional width that was available.


The stern view says it all: Mattie Lynn II shows off her 17’8” beam. Kennedy Marine Fabrication built the 42-footer’s stern ramp extension.
(Brian Robbins photo)

No problem, said H&H.

17’8″ later, Huntley’s solid fiberglass hull was complete – and ready to have her bilges filled.  Along with a single 400-gallon fuel tank, Mattie Lynn II has four Pacer pump-fed lobster tanks designed to hold a total of 32 crates beneath the platform…



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