Editorial: Don’t miss – A pair of revealing, enlightening profiles in this issue

You may think you know Wayne Hamilton.

But the truth is, the quiet man behind the Hamilton Marine supply store powerhouse – currently celebrating 40 years in business – is fiercely private and certainly not given to self-aggrandizement.

Which makes Brian Robbins’ profile in this issue all the more interesting and revealing.

Wayne sat down with Brian for an honest, open, free-wheeling discussion, taking us – and now you – back to the very beginning and then along for the ride that has brought Hamilton Marine to where it is today.

One thing is clear.  There is no substitute for hard work and passion.  What Wayne, his late wife Loraine, and many others in the dedicated Hamilton crew have accomplished over the years is remarkable, more than worthy of recognition in these pages, and a great read.

In a much different vein, we call your attention to Joyce Rowley’s “exit interview” with NOAA Fisheries’ John Bullard, also in this issue.

Bullard went from being the popular mayor of New Bedford to, arguably, the most reviled man in regional fisheries management circles after stepping in as regional administrator for what is now known as NOAA’s Greater Atlantic Fisheries Management Office (GARFO) in 2012.

On the eve of his retirement, Bullard opens up about the challenges of taking over an agency in turmoil, in the midst of a groundfish crisis, and making the tough decisions he was tasked to do.

As Joyce’s interview reveals, Bullard is rightly proud of the accomplishments made during his tenure.  But that pride is tinged with disappointment that a long-awaited turnaround for the region’s cod fishery has failed to materialize.  There’s much more and, another good read.

Lastly, we here at Commercial Fisheries News wish you peace, prosperity, good health, and good fishing in this holiday season and in the New Year. /cfn/