Cod quotas slashed to ‘unviable’ levels

PORTSMOUTH, NH – The groundfish industry has suffered through far more than its fair share of turbulent chapters over the past two decades – everything from the painful introduction of limited entry in Amendment 5 to the loss of friends who couldn’t see their way through the fleet’s steady downsizing, to the almost anarchy-like uprising that occurred years ago over rolling closures and a 30-pound cod trip limit, and, most recently, to the wrenching shift to hard quotas and sectors.

But for many, Jan. 30, 2013 – an unforgettable Wednesday – may go down as the worst of all. That was the day the New England Fishery Management Council approved a 2,506 metric ton (mt) acceptable biological catch (ABC) for Georges Bank cod and a 1,550 mt ABC for Gulf of Maine cod for the 2013-2015 fishing years, which represent a 55% and 77% reduction respectively from current levels.

This is gameover for the inshore Gulf of Maine. It’s tough to support a motion that says this is the best we’ve got, that your only alternative as managers is to collapse the fishery.
—Vito Giacalone 
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