CFN Shakedown Cruise: Osmond 42 “Extra Wide”

by Brian Robbins

JONESPORT, ME – The fact of the matter is, Shane Farris didn’t start out thinking about building a new lobster boat – he was simply pondering how to get a little more room out of the boat he already had.

Shane had experimented with a 3’ extension mounted on the transom of his 36-footer; it helped, but it wasn’t quite what he was after.  His question for boat builder Peter Taylor of Taylored Boats in Addison, ME was if it made sense to consider extending his hull – and/or possibly opening up the transom.

The two of them bounced some ideas and numbers around, with Taylor pointing out the fact that Farris’ boat was very sellable as it was – the 36-footer was well-maintained and would be a nice turnkey buy for someone.

And there was also the question of how much room Shane would actually gain by extending the 36 – and would it be enough to make a real difference?

Around the same time, another opportunity offered itself up: Taylor had a customer with an Osmond 42 on order from H&H Marine in Steuben …


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