CFN Shakedown Cruise: Northern Bay 36


by Brian Robbins

Welcome to another CFN Shakedown Cruise.

Periodically, we will focus on a new launch and dig a little deeper into what went into the project – whether it be a new model or a hull well known to the New England commercial market.  What we hope to do is provide insight and information our readers can apply to their own setups … and, as always, offer up a little entertainment along the way.  —Editor

HARPSWELL, ME – A very, very long time ago I owned a 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car, bought used but in great shape.

It was one of the 4-door monsters with the imitation leather-covered roof complete with opera window; big overstuffed velour bench seats that resembled decently-sized sofas; a sound system that made even my 8-track tapes sound good … but the biggest draw for me (and the reason for telling you all this) was the 460 V8 under the long hood.

While other guys my age were tooling around in Camaros, Dusters, Mustangs and the like, I was driving this big Lincoln.

I was acting just as bad as my peers, mind you – but it was different because I was doing it in comfort.

That Continental didn’t have the menacing low-end rumble of a 454-equipped Trans Am when you were idling around town, but bury the accelerator on an open stretch of road, let that 460 loose  – and things would happen.

The thing was, that big ol’ Lincoln was so comfy, you often didn’t have a sense of how fast you were going until you glanced at the buried needle on the dash…

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