Bearin’s: From the Sports Desk – Lobster Boat Race Report

SOUL’S HARBOR, ME – Controversy reigned supreme when the 2015 Maine Lobster Boat Races roared into Soul’s Harbor for what has become the circuit’s most popular event.

bearin's-SHAs always, there were plenty of whispers, mumbles and murmurs prior to the season’s start about some new contenders.  Some old dogs had new tricks to show off (including the repowering of Norm Hudson’s 28’ Boiled Dinner with a 3000-horse diesel-electric locomotive engine) and brand-new builds (most notable being Razor Clam, a 45’x3’ flat-bottomed skiff custom-built by the industrial arts class at the Maine State Nervous Hospital) … but the day’s big winner was a complete surprise to all.

A heavy quilt of early-morning fog over Soul’s Harbor kept most local eyes from witnessing the dawn launch of Kermit Scrapple’s Scrod Rocket at the Town Landing…




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