WOMEN IN THE FISHERIES: Beth Casoni’s got her hand on the helm at MassLA

SCITUATE, MA – She’s quick with a smile when she greets you, but Beth Casoni is one tough cookie when she needs to be – which she often does in her role as executive director of the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association.  Beth set aside a few minutes in her busy schedule recently for a conversation at the MassLA office to discuss her rise in the ranks and some of the challenges of her position.

Beth, tell us a little bit about your roots.

I grew up in Marshfield, MA in a fishing family.  As a kid, I used to go lobstering with my Uncle Dave summers whenever I could.



That would be Dave Casoni, who I know from the MassLA annual weekends?

That’s right.  I remember going down to his place to paint buoys.  That was my job, although I probably got more paint on me at times than the buoys.  (laughs)  I’d get paid in empties … of course, that meant I had to clean up the yard to get paid! (laughter)

I remember listening to my uncle talk about the plight of the fishermen as a young child.  As the management became more and more restrictive and the fishermen had to fish within those restrictions, I became very interested with the whole process.


Your involvement with Mass Lobstermen’s came later in life, correct?

Yes.  I actually went to college in my late 20s/early 30s – I was a single parent and basically put myself through school – and graduated from UMass Boston.


Studying …?

Criminal justice.



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