Wheel-Watch: Rest in peace, Bigger Dirls


 The loft of 56-year-old Jonesport lobsterman Stevie Carver’s house is chock full of happy memories and good vibes.

The walls and ceilings are adorned with treasures – each with their own story: old oars; buoys; a gaft here; running lights there … and so many pictures – from faded black and whites (soul makes up for resolution) to oversize color shots: boats/folks/smiles.

Hanging from the pull string of the ceiling lamp – in a position to oversee the room – is an old hand-knit bait pocket, packed with sand dollars.

They’ve been there for years, says Stevie.  “They’re to remind me that no matter how bad things ever get, I’ve got a pocket full of dollars.”


That Downeast Zen approach was well-tested on Sept. 8 when Stevie’s 32’ Holland Bigger Dirls was destroyed by an early-morning fire.

It’s an unnatural thing when a boat burns – fire versus water – and awful under any circumstances.

But as word of the loss of the Bigger Dirls spread along the coast, it hit a lot of folks very hard.

There was a common theme to the responses:

“People from everywhere know Stevie and the Bigger Dirls from the

lobster boat races: he’s always got a big smile for everybody – and that was one good-looking boat.”

“That wasn’t just Stevie Carver’s boat.  She meant a lot to a lot of people.”

“Once you saw that black hull with the yellow boot and the white house with the buff trim, well … you didn’t forget her.”…


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