Using flares: Safe handling, firing, training

I am often asked what to do with old, expired flares or if I want them. Actually, I do take and use them to conduct hands-on flare training. I also tell captains to consider keeping an expired flare kit in a container marked “for training purpose only,” distinguishing them from the vessel’s updated kit, and use them for at-sea training.

Flare kits are required safety equipment on commercial fishing vessels. Outside of 50 miles, a vessel needs a SOLAS A kit containing six handheld, three orange floating smoke, and three parachute flares. From three miles to 50 miles, vessels are required to have a SOLAS B kit with the same number of flares and types. These are just a little less bright and burn for a shorter duration.


  Flares can cause injury or property damage … it is important to read the instructions.


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