Product News: ProtectPak recyclable packaging

GARDNER, MA – An interesting innovation in seafood packaging is now available: fluted polypropylene boxes manufactured by ProtectPak.

These boxes were developed by longtime packaging people in response to both shippers and seafood end users.  Both groups were disappointed by the lack of innovation in available packaging and the fact that nearly all of the packaging for their sustainable products typically ended up in one place, the landfill.

prod1-protectpak-fish-fillet-private-label“Fishermen and seafood providers, as well as retailers, are driving more innovative packaging solutions across the spectrum – especially in retail, e-commerce packaging, and export packs,” said Andrew Lyon, director of operations at ProtectPak.

“Our product fits our customers’ needs relative to sustainability, and improvements in their graphics and packaging performance.

“Leading edge companies, and those looking to build their brands, have expressed significant interest and are moving into this packaging quickly,” Lyon said.

ProtectPak fluted cartons are 100% recyclable and provide a superior alternative to non-recyclable wax boxes.

Made in the USA, the cartons are custom-designed, ensuring the perfect size and style to fit any product.

Combine that with six-color print availability and any fishing or seafood business can now have a custom-sized, professionally printed billboard for its special products.

ProtectPak boxes are made from 100% recyclable material that is waterproof, virtually puncture-proof, and offers excellent insulating properties to keep seafood products cold and ready for market.

Approved for direct food contact, ProtectPak boxes are also lightweight.  This saves money on shipping costs, offering an excellent option to replace heavy non-recyclable wax boxes.

“This will take over a million tons of wax carton waste out of our landfills annually, which is a very positive change and a significant environmental impact,” Lyon continued.

“Add this to the freight savings due to its lighter weight and ProtectPak boxes offer a cutting-edge packaging solution all the way around.”

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