Product News – Grundéns developing specialty line of oilskins designed for women who fish commercially

POULSBO, WA – Grundéns, a leading producer of foul weather gear since 1926, has announced that it is developing a new line of oilskins for professional fishing women.

These products will be made using Grundéns’ proven PVC materials and durable construction, yet will be specially tailored to provide the fit, comfort, and performance women need on deck.

“We have always had a deep respect for hard-working women.  Those who go to sea are special, and those that choose to work on deck are unrivaled,” said Mike Jackson, president of Grundéns USA.

“We will be one of the first companies to design a women’s line that provides women with the best protective clothing and best fit for women to do their job.

“Our new women’s line will impress everyone who sees it and will turn heads with performance that looks as good as it feels when worn.”

The new line will include both bibs and jackets designed for women’s sizes and body shapes.

The brand’s iconic Brigg jacket and Hercules bibs are used every day by women but are often modified before being worn.


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