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Carry CFN in your store

Want to carry Commercial Fisheries News for sale?
It’s easy.

• No Out-Of-Pocket Expense
• Increased Traffic In Your Location
• Your location mentioned on our website and in our newspaper.

How it works:

1) We ship you a new issue, usually the last week of the month. (The April issue comes to you the last week in March).

2) You put them out on your counter or newsstand and collect $2.75 for each issue sold.

3) When we send you new issues, we also send an invoice seperately. Tear the date off the covers of last months unsold copies, deduct that number of issues on the invoice and send us a check for the balance. You keep a tidy profit !

Call or write Leslie for more information and to set up your store as an official Commercial Fisheries News Newsstand.