Kevin Scola & Survival: A man and his Bruno – A love story

by Brian Robbins

MARSHFIELD, MA – If we wanted to, we could easily fill the available pages of this annual Tuna Focus with Kevin Scola stories.

If you don’t know the Marshfield, MA-based Scola, ask some of his fellow fisherman.

“Kevin?  If there’s a fish to catch, he’s the guy that’s gonna catch it.”

Or, “I couldn’t tell you how many times there’s only been one boat out – Survival.  Kevin Scola.”

And the ever-popular, “That crazy bastard …”

But sit down with Kevin Scola and get him talking about fishing and you realize pretty quickly that he sees himself as a co-star in his own story; as far his he’s concerned, his beloved 42’ Bruno & Stillman Survival deserves equal billing … at least.

“It’s been an incredible boat – it still is,” Kevin says as we look through some of his archives.  “Lemme tell you …”

But first, a little background.

Early years

Born in Boston, Kevin was exposed to the ocean at an early age when his parents would head down the coast to Brant Rock for the summers.

“They had a little cottage there and from the…

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