HELP WANTED: Extraordinary Leadership Opportunity in Maine Coastal Fisheries




Penobscot East Resource Center (PERC) was founded on the principle that the only way the resources of the oceans can be protected and sustained is through joint stakeholder stewardship: collective action of fishermen and their communities, supported by science and working in combination with regulatory authorities at all levels.  PERC’s fundamental mission is to support, develop and carry out such strategies, with the overriding goal of securing a sustainable future for fisheries and fishing communities of coastal Maine. By doing so PERC also intends to create models that may be adapted for use by others across the nation and the globe.

PERC is a 13 year-old organization in Stonington, Maine with an annual budget nearing $2 million, dedicated staff of 12, and engaged Board of Directors. PERC seeks a visionary and inspiring leader. Understanding of and respect for fishermen and rural communities is essential.  Sophisticated executive capacities are vital to deepen engagement with fishermen, community members, educators, scientists, and regulatory agencies, as well as individual donors and foundation and government funders. Advocacy for PERC’s mission, vision and goals will be tireless, from the local café to the statehouse to the White House.

Go to for a full position announcement.  Applications are requested by March 1, 2017. PERC is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates from a wide range of backgrounds.