Farewell to the old, in with the new: Time to kick off the New Year

This issue marks the kick-off of trade show season here in New England and our opportunity to connect face-to-face with many of you in the coming months.

In late January, you will be seeing us – and this issue – at the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association Annual Weekend and Trade Show on the Cape.  Like many of you, we always look forward to the low key atmosphere of the MaLA event – more fun than work, and a great chance to touch base with old friends and new.

editorial-SHThat same weekend we suspect some of you, especially from here in Maine, may head east to look in on the Fish Canada show in Moncton.  It’s not a bad drive, Moncton is a cool little city, and the current exchange rate gets you a whole lot for your dollar across the border.

As for us, we’ll come back from Falmouth, catch our breath, and pretty quickly turn to the business of gearing up for the Maine Fishermen’s Forum and Trade Show held, as always, on the first weekend in March.  We’ll all take our chances with the weather and hole up for a couple of days at the Samoset to swap stories, take in the extensive seminar program, and do a little business down on the exhibit floor.

Then, in late April, we will pack up the Commercial Fisheries News road show and head on down to New Bedford for this year’s Commercial Marine Expo.  It promises to be a good one, and we enjoy any opportunity to spend a day or two on New Bedford’s visitor-friendly working waterfront.

It’s shaping up to be a busy few months, but it should make the winter pass a little easier and we can already promise you a great stretch of CFN special issues to look forward to.

Hope to see you somewhere out there along the way, and just a reminder to be sure and stop by our booth for great show specials.

Every now and then you get lucky.

We did, this past fall, when we made the connection with veteran fisherman Tommy Porter.

Probably the description “real deal” gets overused, but when it comes to Tommy you know within minutes of meeting him that he’s been there.  Seen it.  Done it.  And somehow lived to tell about it.

Brian Robbins sat down with him recently and just let things happen.  The result, starting on page 8, is a no-holds-barred, in-his-own-words accounting of just a few of Tommy’s life experiences.  Tales of growing up fast, fishing with his brothers and the legendary Bob Brown, and just figuring stuff out along the way.

It is a riveting read and we can’t thank Tommy enough for opening up and sharing his amazing stories.  If you like them as much as we do, there may be more to come in future issues.

Our plan, from time to time, is to check out a product that is new to fishermen in our region and find out what real users have to say about it.

This is no product plug – not paid for or sponsored by any supplier – it’s just us talking with fishermen about their hands-on experiences: good, bad, or otherwise.

Like you, we are always interested in what’s new: how’s it work, what’s it cost, can it save me time, money, aggravation?  The CFN Field Test is our way of letting you answer some of those questions so that we can share them with other readers.

As always, we thank you for your input and feedback as we go along.

Lastly, we can’t let this issue hit your hands without wishing each of you a healthy, prosperous New Year.  May we all have good fishing and fair tides.  /cfn/

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