Danny Staples: a good man puts up a good fight

CUSHING, ME – “I grew up in Rockland, but I spent my summers out on Metinic Island until I was 10.  My father lobstered off there; he did that for years.  I remember going in his workshop and finding a long lath and putting a point on it – like the bow of a boat.  Then I’d take a shorter lath and drive a nail through the two pieces to hold them together … and let the nail stick up a little.  Made myself a little lobster boat.  I’d go to one of the tidal pools on the island and play with it.  When I was done, I’d leave it there and let the tide take it out … and the next day I’d go make another one.

It was good to hear Danny Staples’ voice on the phone when he called me a couple months ago – it had been awhile since we’d talked.  But we weren’t more than a few moments into the call when I realized he was calling on official CFN business: he wanted to sell his boat.

The 65-year-old lobsterman had been putting up with abdominal pains for months when he finally gave in and went to see a doctor back in December.

The news was tough to hear: there was a tumor – and Danny was in the early days of stage IV cancer.

Dan met the doctor’s assessment head-on with a flash of humor:

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