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SAFE-BOAT SMART-BOAT: Recognize the dangers of confined spaces

In the February 2009 CFN, we described sources, signs, and symptoms of invisible gas hazards in confined spaces. Now, let’s review precautions, multigas detectors, and six steps recommended to prevent fatalities. In terms of precautions, here are some practical things you can do to minimize the risk of a fatal confined space accident on your …

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SAFE-BOAT SMART-BOAT: Plan your response to invisible gas hazards

In 2008, the Point Club, a mutual insurance and fishing vessel safety group of commercial fishing vessels in the Northeast, handed out free multigas detectors to all of its fishing vessel owners at its annual meeting. This was part of the club and Sunderland Marine Mutual Insurance Company’s ongoing mission to heighten and implement safety …

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SAFE-BOAT SMART-BOAT: Keeping a vessel watertight depends on you

By definition, a vessel has to be watertight. Because a fishing vessel is fitted with numerous openings above and below decks, however, its watertight integrity constantly depends upon the vigilance and competence of its crew. All openings must be closed and secured unless they are actually in use and especially during threatening weather and sea …

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SAFE-BOAT SMART-BOAT: Station bills – Know your job in an emergency

by Fred Mattera During a recent simulated engine room fire drill, I observed a seasoned crewman, someone who has been engaged in safety drills for the last seven years, become impetuous and anxious instead of composed and thoughtful. By doing things without serious thought, he made some simple but dangerous mistakes that, in a real-life …

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FISH SAFE – Lady Mary report offers sobering lessons

by Ann Backus – It’s been nearly four-and-a-half years since the March 24, 2009 sinking of the Cape May, NJ-based Lady Mary and the loss of six of her seven crewmen.  That’s a long time for everyone touched by this tragedy. But, on Aug. 30, the Coast Guard released the final report on its investigation …

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SAFE-BOAT SMART-BOAT: Inspection, maintenance – Follow a schedule

by Fred Mattera – It is the responsibility of the captain and crew to inspect and maintain all vessel systems constantly.  For me, a checklist was my means of tracking the maintenance schedule, so I’ve made one here to get you started. Since I no longer have a vessel to walk through and refresh my …

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