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Farewell to the old, in with the new: Time to kick off the New Year

This issue marks the kick-off of trade show season here in New England and our opportunity to connect face-to-face with many of you in the coming months. In late January, you will be seeing us – and this issue – at the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association Annual Weekend and Trade Show on the Cape.  Like many …

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Signal devices (flares) make you bigger, brighter, and different

I was prompted to review the use of flares this month after recently reading an article of a 60’ sightseeing vessel with 27 people onboard that capsized so quickly that no distress call was made. Fortunately, the life raft deployed – providing shelter for some of the individuals – and unbeknownst to them they found a …

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Real people who help shape the process: fisheries liaison Meghan Lapp – a new voice

NARRAGANSETT, RI – When Meghan Lapp was a teenager, she wanted to own her own boat. The opportunity didn’t arise, although she lived on Long Island for part of her childhood and on the Gulf of Mexico for the second half, following her naval architect father around as he designed propellers for commercial fishing boats, …

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There and back with Tommy Porter

by Brian Robbins MARBLEHEAD, MA – Tommy Porter is 66 years old according to the calendar, but he’s lived a life that goes way beyond that. He left home for the first time when he was 14: his mother sent him to the store for a can of tuna fish; he returned a few weeks …

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CFN Shakedown Cruise: Mussel Ridge 42

by Brian Robbins Welcome to another CFN Shakedown Cruise. Periodically, we will focus on a new launch and dig a little deeper into what went into the project – whether it be a new model or a hull well known to the New England commercial market.  What we hope to do is provide insight and …

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Rumery’s Marine – two generations of talent

by Brian Robbins I can’t tell you how many times it’s happened over the years: I’ll be in a boat shop Downeast somewhere, standing aboard a new project that’s in the homestretch of completion; the builder and I will be talking along when suddenly there’s a thump or a bang under our feet – or a …

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NOAA Navigator – January 2016

SPECIAL 4-Page Insert  (Click HERE to Download) from the January 2016 Commercial Fisheries News