A progress report from the executive director of the Maine Lobster Marketing Cooperative

Telling the Maine lobster story to chefs, media, and consumers

Above, a hard-shell vs. new shell taste test for chefs. (MLMC photo)

Above, a hard-shell vs. new shell taste test for chefs. (MLMC photo)

by Matt Jacobson

PORTLAND, ME – The election season is upon us – and, as we all know, it lasts a long time.  For the candidates, they hold their rallies, make their calls, and broadcast their advertisements so that on Election Day they get as many votes as possible.

At the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative, we too are running a campaign.

But, in our case, every time someone goes to a restaurant with an opportunity to choose lobster, that is our Election Day.

We too are working hard to reel in as many “votes” as possible – and 2015 was a great year for our efforts to get the word out about Maine lobster to our targeted audiences.


Targeting chefs

At the beginning of our program, we decided to focus our efforts during the summer and early fall, when our supply is highest…


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