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August 2016 – Online Highlights


Editorial - Changing of the guard at New England council

Effective the end of this month, Pat Fiorelli, who has been the public affairs officer for the New England Fishery Management Council for nearly three decades, is leaving to begin a new chapter in her life, retirement. Stepping into her shoes is f...

Athearn Marine: 70 years of serving fishermen

  by Brian Robb...

Efforts to manage herring quota create bait crisis;

Maine DMR takes emergency action, explains why If you walked down any dock or into any diner where fishermen gather, you already know that the talk in early July was all about bait.  More specifically the potential lack of it and the impact on bait...

Mid-Atlantic council set to take final action on forage fish omnibus amendment

DOVER, DE – In August, the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council is on schedule to adopt preferred alternatives for an Unmanaged Forage Fish Omnibus Amendment, the first on the East Coast, and only the second in the nation. The effort stems fr...

off course - The vindication of the Wild, Wild West

  LAMOINE, ME – Violence is not the answer. But there really isn’t a better word to describe...

Gloucester celebrates its 86th Annual St. Peter’s Fiesta

GLOUCESTER, MA – On the last weekend in June thousands of people thronged America’s oldest fishing port for the city’s annual St. Peter’s Fiesta. The celebration honors Peter, the patron saint of fishermen, and the fishing way of life that...

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off course – The vindication of the Wild, Wild West

  LAMOINE, ME – Violence is not the answer. But there really isn’t a better word to describe what happens when the twin turbos on the massive 12-cylinder Isotta Fraschini diesel tucked into the 28’ Wild, Wild West spool up and all hell breaks loose: it’s controlled violence, but violence nonetheless. But even while the …

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CFN Shakedown Cruise: South Shore 38

by Brian Robbins Welcome to another CFN Shakedown Cruise. Periodically, we will focus on a new launch and dig a little deeper into what went into the project – whether it be a new model or a hull well known to the New England commercial market.  What we hope to do is provide insight and …

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Off Course – Jacalwa: Ready to work; ready to run

PORTLAND, ME – “I don’t care what else you write – I want to make sure Clark Island Boat Works gets credit for the job they did on this boat.  They worked their asses off.” I have a recording of my visit with lobsterman Marshall Spear aboard his new 46’ Wesmac during which he says …

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Guest Column – Now that draft regional ocean plan is out…

Now that draft regional ocean plan is out, fishermen again encouraged to comment and help shape final document by Amy Trice and Anne Hawkins In Commercial Fisheries News May issue, the background, impending release, and need for fishermen to comment on the draft Northeast Regional Ocean Plan were discussed. The Northeast Regional Planning Body (RPB) is now accepting …

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William Faulkingham: an MVP of Downeast boat building

by Brian Robbins BEALS ISLAND, ME – Maybe you recognize the name or the face; maybe you don’t. But chances are, if you’ve been around the boat shops of Beals Island and Jonesport, ME during the last several decades, you’ve crossed paths with William Faulkingham … whether you knew it or not. Remember the movie …

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The following is this year’s “Update 2015 to the American Lobster Settlement Index,” prepared and presented here by Rick Wahle and his colleagues at the University of Maine’s Darling Center. Our thanks to Dr. Wahle and his team for sharing this important information once again this year with our readers.

Is annual lobster settlement index predictor of more declines in landings in eastern Maine, Bay of Fundy?

WALPOLE, ME – The question on everyone’s mind in the lobster industry is: How long will this boom last? As 2015’s lobster landings are still being tallied, it’s shaping up to be another all-time record for the US and Canada. That is, in dollar value. But for Maine, the state dominating US landings, volume has …

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