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July 2015


CFN Shakedown Cruise:

by Brian Robbins Welcome to another CFN Shakedown Cruise. Periodically, we will focus on a new launch and dig a little deeper into what went into the project – whether it be a new model or a hull well-known to the New England commercial marke...

TUNA FOCUS: Slow start to this year’s bluefin season, few fish around so far

CHATHAM, MA – “It’s dead.  We are just not seeing any fish on the Cape,” said Andy Baler, president of Nantucket Fish, based here and in Dennis, MA. Baler was echoing comments heard from other tuna buyers throughout the region who were la...

So you want to find fish? Start by finding a professional fishing forecasting service

by Mitch Roffer WEST MELBOURNE, FL – As all of you out on the water already know, time and fuel costs are always important considerations when fishing. Deciding on where you are going to fish before you leave the dock is as critical today as ...

OPEN MIC: Clive Farrin’s Fish House Punch

As we all know, New England’s commercial fishing community is made up not only of hard workers, but a surprising number of artists, as well. Be it music, poetry, painting, photography, storytelling – or baking a perfect batch of biscuits in ...

FISH SAFE: Safe and salty - Learning from island fishermen

Island fishermen living on the islands off the coast of Maine area a creative group. Early on the Tuesday after Memorial Day, six of us packed up and headed out from Stonington on the Sunbeam, the Seacoast Mission’s boat. This was the Sunbeam...

EDITORIAL: In defense of the council process

How do you know when the New England Fishery Management Council has made a good decision? Virtually nobody is happy. Cynical?  Perhaps, but that has seemingly been the case with recent council actions that have spawned a firestorm of reactions...

NOAA Fisheries Navigator - July 2015

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GUEST COULMN: Mosquito fleet fights consolidation

by Brett Tolley Control over the iconic New England groundfish is concentrating into fewer hands because of catch share policy, and the future of our ocean and seafood system is at stake. According to last year’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) report, one entity controlled 25% of the entire groundfish revenue. With no safeguards in …

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A qualified Coast Guard-approved marine drill instructor, Fred Mattera of Point Judith, RI is the owner/president of North East Safety Training Co. (NESTCo), which conducts fishing vessel drills and inspections and basic safety training workshops.

SAFE-BOAT SMART-BOAT: Development of commercial fishing vessel alternative safety compliance programs

The following is Part 2 of a column that began in the last issue.  To see Part 1, view online here, CFN May, 2015. —Editor The Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010 requires the Coast Guard to prescribe and develop, in cooperation with the commercial fishing industry, Alternate Safety Compliance Programs. The 2010 Act added …

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Mixed messages in “2014 Update to American Lobster Settlement Index”

The following is this year’s “Update 2014 to the American Lobster Settlement Index,” prepared and presented here by Rick Wahle and his colleagues at the University of Maine’s Darling Center.  Our thanks to Dr. Wahle and his team for sharing this important information once again this year with our readers.   —Editor   WALPOLE, ME …

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Jason Joyce wants you to see the light – and stay afloat

SWANS ISLAND, ME – Lobsterman Jason Joyce didn’t get into selling LED lights because he was looking for a side business … he simply wanted to be able to see what he was doing when it was dark. After experimenting with numerous types of bulbs from different suppliers, Jason happen to connect with the right …

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The 72’ NSL Discovery navigates through the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm turbines.  All together, the turbines have a maximum capacity to generate 300 megawatts of electricity, enough to meet the energy needs of 200,000 UK households, according to project developer Vattenfall.  (John Williamson photo)

England’s wind farm experience offers critical lessons for US fishing industry

(UPDATED) BROADSTAIRS, KENT – Looking out over the English Channel on a quiet night in March, the horizon is surprisingly ablaze with lights.  A local fisherman quips, “People ask us if that’s France.”   It’s not.  This illusion of a “city” of lights is the result of hundreds of enormous illuminated turbines in a string …

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SAFE-BOAT SMART-BOAT: Time to grasp an understanding of new USCG safety requirements

In this month’s column, and a second installment to come in our next issue, I want to address the implementation of new requirements for commercial fishing vessels established by the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010 and the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2012. These acts made significant changes to Chapters 45 and …

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