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Issue 4 2012

Issue 4 2012


Without question, one of Fish Farming News’s most frequently reprinted and widely respected columnists is Rod Getchell, author of our long-running, popular feature, Fish Health Notes.

Dr. Rod’s columns are always timely, authoritative, and chock full of vital information essential to fish farmers everywhere.

His work is so solid that it was difficult to look back and pull a few selections from the archives for this “Best of Fish Health Notes” retrospective.

But these were some of our favorites (along with the issue dates in which they originally appeared). We hope you agree. —Editor



Zebrafish may hold key to future of fish health
FISH HEALTH NOTES by Rod Getchell ITHACA, NY – The greatest advances in fish health may come from one of the smallest cultured fishes, the zebrafish. The new white rats of biomedical research, zebrafish have become the model organism in hundr...

Egg disinfection may keep viruses at bay
FISH HEALTH NOTES by Rod Getchell MADISON, WI – Keeping fish viruses such as Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) and Spring Viremia of Carp (SVC) out of your hatchery takes a complete biosecurity plan. With the appearance of both of these viruses...

HACCP planning keeps fish farms secure
FISH HEALTH NOTES by Rod Getchell WEST HENRIETTA, NY – Sea Grant and the US Fish and Wildlife Service have been conducting Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) workshops directed at the baitfish and aquaculture industries for a num...

Advances in disease testing raise concerns
FISH HEALTH NOTES by Rod Getchell ATLANTIC BEACH, NC – The subject of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing vs. traditional methods of detecting fish pathogens always leads to a lively discussion among fish health professionals. The arguments ...

Yanong is Florida aquaculture’s “Mega-Man”
FISH HEALTH NOTES by Rod Getchell ATLANTIC BEACH, NC – Every fish farmer has a fish doctor they think of as their superhero. At the most recent Eastern Fish Health Workshop held here in Atlantic Beach, there were several top fish health speciali...

“Bring out your dead” – how to handle morts
FISH HEALTH NOTES by Rod Getchell ITHACA, NY – “Bring out your dead” is a famous movie quote that gets at the gist of this column. What the Monty Python folks asserted as humor – the need for quick removal of dead bodies during the plague ...

Natural feed supplements need more study
FISH HEALTH NOTES by Rod Getchell ITHACA, NY – Having been bombarded with advertisements touting the health benefits of herbal supplements for people and even our pets, I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to claims of this nature. However, ...

Gas supersaturation gives fish bubble disease
FISH HEALTH NOTES by Rod Getchell ITHACA, NY – Have you ever noticed that a cold glass of water will get tiny bubbles on the inside surface as it warms up? Bubbles form because dissolved gas – primarily nitrogen and oxygen – in the water com...

Healthy aquaponics is a balancing act between fish and plants
FISH HEALTH NOTES by Rod Getchell ITHACA, NY – While I was preparing a lecture for Dr. Mike Timmons’ recirculation aquaculture class this spring, an article appeared in the New York Times describing the delights of starting an aquaponics syste...

Mussels may alter salmon farm disease dynamics
FISH HEALTH NOTES by Rod Getchell PLYMOUTH, MA – During the 2010 Northeast Aquaculture Conference & Exposition (NACE) held Dec. 1-3 here in Plymouth, researchers from the University of Maine (UMaine) showed evidence that blue mussels filter ...

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