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Issue 1 2013

Issue 1  2013


Visiting Pentair AES’s aquaponics facility
APOPKA, FL – Aquaponics is just about the hottest thing going in aquaculture these days. From backyard systems for neophytes, to full scale commercial operations, aquaponics – which is simply defined as growing aquatic animals (fish) and plant...

KAVA Farms Growing shrimp in a big way down in Texas
LOS FRESNOS, TX – “Jeepers Creepers!” I said … or words to that effect.  I had a shrimp in my mouth; what I can honestly say, with my hand on a Bible and waiting for lightning to strike me dead if I’m lying, was the best-tasting shrimp I...

Building tanks, more at Hydro Composites
STOCKDALE, TX – “I’m in the aquaculture industry because it is ingrained in my heart and mind,” says Chris Mills, sole owner and managing member of Hydro Composites LLC (Hydro). His company, a custom fiberglass manufacturing and fabricatio...

Getting the most from recirculating aquaculture systems
Successful recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) based ventures are rooted in financial success, and the various obstacles proffered as excuses for RAS failure are just that, excuses. The real question is how do we achieve appropriate project sca...

Connecting investors, fish farmers a challenge
When my office telephone rings, it can often be one of two things: Someone looking for help to solve a problem.  As in, “Can you help me fix this?” or “I want to start raising fish, but don’t know how;” or … It can be someone with inv...

Pacific oysters serving as ocean acidification sentinels
SEATTLE, WA - Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) are assisting Northwest shellfish hatchery managers with their fight against a collapse in oyster seed production. Carolyn Friedman and Steven Roberts, faculty members of the School of...

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