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FFN 6 2013

[tmb_issueThumbnail_2]Issue 6  2013

Fish Health Notes – Can we use bacteriophages to kill fish pathogens?
by Rod Getchell ITHACA, NY – Bacteria-eating viruses have been generating some buzz lately as a growing number of headlines have pointed to them as potential tools to fight the next big war against “superbugs.” The buzz continued last mon...

From the Field – Herman Brothers Feature
by Bob Robinson Fish stocking, lake and pond management, all geared for maximum fishing fun  PEORIA, IL –  I think we can all agree the term “sportsman’s paradise” is grossly overused.  But for any serious outdoorsperson, a visit to ...

Aquaculture Perspectives - A wild capture fisheries atrocity off the coast of Peru
by Bill Manci Another installment of “What is the world coming to?” You may have missed this, but two conservation organizations, Mundo Azul and BlueVoice, recently uncovered what I consider one of the most heinous and indefensible activiti...

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