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Issue 5 2011

Issue 5 2011

Non-lethal samples may work for disease testing
FISH HEALTH NEWS by Rod Getchell SEATTLE, WA – Last summer, my message to fish farmers was focused on sample quality. This time, it’s about non-lethal testing of farmed fish. Why? Because taking a biopsy without having to sacrifice an animal i...

Water monitoring systems gain acceptance by producers as manufacturers improve reliability and expand features
by Bill Manci FORT COLLINS, CO — Fish farming is like no other form of agriculture. By law across much of the US, freshwater aquaculture falls under the same umbrella as dirt farming and ranching. But the aquaculture environment could not ...

Want to grow fish in Virginia? Inside VSU's Randolph Farm aquaculture facility
PETERSBURG, VA – Tucked along the edge of the Virginia State University (VSU) campus here is the impressive VSU Randolph Farm aquaculture facility. Randolph Farm, for those who may not be familiar with it, is a “416-acre agricultural learning ...

Neil Sims’ bold new experiment in Hawaii “Free range” open ocean cultured fish? Maybe so, if Neil Sims can make it work
KAILUA-KONA, HI – Neil Anthony Sims, a recognized leader in the growing movement to expand domestic aquaculture production into open ocean waters, has recently taken a bold new step toward developing what may be the technology of the future for sus...

Behind the scenes at Air-O-Lator
KANSAS CITY, MO – A fixture on fish farms and at industry trade shows for some 40 years, Air-O-Lator Corporation is a leading manufacturer of water and wastewater equipment for aquaculture and other applications. Fish farmers may be most familiar w...

Trout farmers gather in Twin Falls, ID for fall conference, trade show, tours
TWIN FALLS, ID – Who doesn’t love Idaho in late September? I mean, seriously? What a spectacular location once again for this year’s US Trout Farmers of America (USTFA) fall meeting and conference. There we were, me and about 2OO other...

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