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Editor & Publisher
Richard W. Martin


Rod Getchell,
Bob Robinson,
Bill Manci,
Paul Hundley,
Amy Riedel-Stone

Contributing Writers

Brian D. Robbins,
Stephen Rappaport,
Ann Kane Rheault


Main Office
Richard W. Martin
PO Box 600, Deer Isle, ME 04627
(800) 989-5253

Brian Robbins
PO Box 600, Deer Isle,ME 04627
(800) 989-5253, Fax (207) 348-1059

International Sales Representative

John Gold, John F. Gold & Associates,
“Highview”, 18a Aultone Way,
Sutton, Surrey, SM1 3LE, England
Phone/fax: +44-20-8641-7717


Classified Advertising
Leslie Carr

Print/Web Production

Keith Kastelic

Subscriber Services


Business Manager

Leslie Carr

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