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Issue 4 2011

Issue 4 2011

New seafood numbers - Tilapia, pangasius show gains, catfish holds its own
US per capita seafood consumption numbers dip, tilapia, pangasius move up on NFI’s Top Ten list WASHINGTON, DC – Release of the latest US per capita seafood consumption numbers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in...

High pressure makes oysters safer to eat
FISH HEALTH NOTES by Rod Getchell DOVER, DE – We’re all under pressure these days, but researchers at the US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service (USDA ARS) at Delaware State University are taking high pressure processin...

Romantic notion of eating wild fish must end
AQUACULTURE PERSPECTIVES by Bill Manci I read the recent article in Time magazine (July 18, 2011) by Bryan Walsh about aquaculture and its relationship to human nutrition and wild fish populations. Aquaculture was, AGAIN, inaccurately painted i...

SITE VISIT: Bell Aquaculture: From tiny perch a mighty business grows
by Brian Robbins REDKEY, IN – First, an admission. Believe me, where I come from in Downeast Maine, we have our share of fish fries. Some folks live, breathe, and die (literally) for the “Friday Nite AYCE” specials at the local diner. Tha...

Dragging me along into social media as I concede to modern times
FROM THE FIELD by Bob Robinson Like many of you, I can remember as if it was yesterday the need when traveling to stop frequently at a roadside phone booth and check ahead before my next farm visit, call home, or see about messages at the office. ...

Tough wire, for the toughest conditions: Meet Jim Knott Sr. and Riverdale Mills
NORTHBRIDGE, MA – In New England, where Fish Farming News is based, Riverdale Mills is known first and foremost as the leading supplier of PVCcoated wire used to build lobster traps for the commercial fishing industry. It is a key component of the ...

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