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KAVA Farms Growing shrimp in a big way down in Texas

LOS FRESNOS, TX – “Jeepers Creepers!” I said … or words to that effect.  I had a shrimp in my mouth; what I can honestly say, with my hand on a Bible and waiting for lightning to strike me dead if I’m lying, was the best-tasting shrimp I’d ever had in my life.  The flavor was somewhat akin to a cross between really, really good shrimp sweetness and the good ol’ lobster we know here in Maine.  But that doesn’t really do it justice.

It was simply wicked.  Trust me.

KAVA Farms CEO Tom Hall made busy with the saucepan he was tending on the stove.  “What’d you say? Is it okay?”

“Okay? It’s amazing.” The gloves were off; I’d been with Tom for almost 12 hours straight at that point.  I mean, we’d eaten real-thing Texas gas station tacos together, okay?


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