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The trials and tribulations of a real-world aquaponist

by Jeni Blackburn

Doug and Jeni Blackburn own and operate Fresh Harvest Farm and love to share their passion for their business.

RICHWOOD, OH – Recently, I was asked to talk to a group at a conference about some of the day-to-day operational challenges of running an aquaponics business here in Ohio.

Little did the group know, but I had a boatload of stories that I could share.

My husband and I started Fresh Harvest Farm in 2011, forging a path for aquaponics as a viable business.

Of course, like any new business, we saw the usual challenges like “Where do we start?,” “Where do we build?,” and “Who will buy from us?”

But starting a business in aquaponics came with its own unique set of challenges.

Although aquaponics can be traced back thousands of years, modern aquaponics has only come to the forefront of agriculture in the last 10 or so years.

Many aquaponic enthusiasts have developed systems as a way to grow food sustainably for both personal consumption and as a business opportunity…

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