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Physical security at aquaculture facilities becomes a priority

Physical security at aquaculture facilities has always been an issue for our industry to one degree or another.

In the past, it usually took the form of measures to exclude predatory animals, such as birds or mammals, from eating fish stocks in outdoor confinements such as ponds and raceways.

SH-ManciAnd, depending on the location and other circumstances, it has also meant keeping people from stealing fish under the cover of darkness, or even in broad daylight, depending on the audacity of the thieves.

But, physical security on the fish farm today is beginning to take on an entirely different meaning.

The times in which we live may now call for tighter physical security around fish farms – not because of some super-predator or thievery run amok, but because these farms may now be viewed by some people as a vehicle to do harm to others or, to simply set an example.

Recent news stories suggest that radicalized malcontents – most with some sort of perverted religious or political motives – appear to be mobilizing in growing numbers.


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