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Malone family acquires AST, continuing and expanding many long-standing business ties

NEW ORLEANS, LA –  In a move designed to ensure a bright and promising future for Aquaculture Systems Technologies (AST) in the wake of the sudden death of company founder and head Douglas Drennan last August, Malone Industries LLC of Colorado has announced recently that it has acquired New Orleans-based AST.

It is, the new owners say, the logical evolution of a long-standing business relationship between the principals of the two companies.

Malone Industries is owned principally by Dr. Ron Malone, his brother Rick Malone, and Rick’s son, Michael Malone.

As many in the industry already know, AST has been at the forefront of developing and marketing bead filter technologies developed by Dr. Ron Malone and has established a global presence with its line of filtration systems.

Those technologies – specifically the core bead filter patents and trademark developed by Ron Malone – are held by Bead Filter Industries LLC (BFI), a separate entity also owned by the Malone family…


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