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A few quick highlights from this year’s Wisconsin Aquaculture Conference, show

MARSHFIELD, WI – Nothing makes me happier than sleeping in my own bed at night (and those of you who travel frequently know what I mean) so it was a rare treat to have this year’s annual Wisconsin Aquaculture Conference and Trade Show in a location that was driving distance from my house.

This is always a good (and fun) event and this year was no exception.

Here are a few highlights:

Dani Klonz from Idaho once again put on a seminar entitled “Feeding Your Customers,” which included a taste of Wisconsin cooking demonstration showcasing a wide variety of local aquaculture products.

SH-RobinsonThis usually turns into more of a reception and social engagement and typically includes beer to help lubricate the conversation.  It is a great way to help producers gain some innovative ideas on how to market their products through food preparation and recipes.

Norman McCowan, president and CEO of Bell Aquaculture in Indiana gave a talk entitled “Bell, A Vertically Integrated Sustainable Fish Farm.”

This intensive recirculating facility – 99%+ of their water is reused – started as a producer of yellow perch fingerlings back in 2004.

Management opted to go down this path at that time based on local Midwestern demand for yellow perch – and built a facility with ambitious production capabilities.

But, hurdles to success with operating this size of operation devoted to just yellow perch included securing a consistent supply of fingerlings…


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