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From the Field – Herman Brothers Feature

by Bob Robinson

Fish stocking, lake and pond management, all geared for maximum fishing fun 

PEORIA, IL –  I think we can all agree the term “sportsman’s paradise” is grossly overused.  But for any serious outdoorsperson, a visit to the Herman Brothers Lake and Land Management operation here is quite honestly, well … pretty much heaven.

robinson-shI had been wanting to make the drive down from Wisconsin and check out the place in person for the last 3-4 years but could never quite coordinate schedules with the owners.

Finally, this past November a plan came together.

Little did I know that my visit would come just a week after devastating tornadoes had swept through the area destroying lives, homes, and businesses on a massive scale.

The Herman Brothers facility and business were okay, despite there being multiple twister touchdowns nearby.  But everyone there was still reeling from the disaster that had affected so many friends and neighbors…


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