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Trout season never ends at historic Pennsylvania state fish hatchery

by Stephen Sears

CORRY, PA – For most folks around here, trout season began at 8 am on Apr. 16.

That’s when thousands of anglers See PA FISH HATCHERY, page 28 Corry State Fish Hatchery foreman Paul Mountain displays a handsome batch of golden trout that are being raised at the facility, Pennsylvania’s oldest continuously operating state fish hatchery.

headed out to their favorite fishing holes in an annual ritual, each filled with high hopes of hooking an elusive trout or two.

But on a well-groomed plot of land just west of Corry along Route 6, trout season never really ends.

At the Corry State Fish Hatchery, it’s a full-time job raising the hundreds of thousands of brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, and golden trout that eventually are released into public waters in a nine-county area in northwestern Pennsylvania.


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