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Sugar kelp farming: A promising new industry for coastal Maine

WALPOLE, ME – Maine shellfish growers, traditional fishermen, chefs, and consumers all have a reason to be enthusiastic about a leafy brown algae called sugar kelp.

New culture techniques may be the missing link needed to bring aquaculturists and the seaweed industry together to develop a new sea vegetable industry for the Northeast.

It may even be a source of potential income for some lobstermen in the future.

matt-kelpwPhoto courtesy of Matthew Moretti @ Fish Farming News 2013

Matthew Moretti of Wild Ocean Aquaculture/Bangs Island Mussels with kelp grown at Bangs Island.

KELP4-P Dobbins photo, starting up

Paul Dobins/Ocean Approved photo © Fish Farming News 2013

A view of one of the rafts used to farm sugar kelp off the coast of Maine.

Read the rest and much, much more in Issue 2, 2013 of Fish Farming News.  Download access instructions so that you can read the online flipbook AND download a pdf copy for future reference.

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