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Issue 2 2015

In this issue:  

  • NEWS: From Around the Industry 
  • Fish Health Notes: Eastern Fish Health Workshop showcases field’s student talent  - by Rod Getchell
  • The faces of fish farming: Meet Dr. Jesse Chappell  - by Amy Riedel-Stone
  • Business news: Malone family acquires AST, continuing long-standing business ties 
  • Aquaculture America 2015: A round-up of awards, plus photo gallery, from New Orleans
  • From the Field: Highlights from this year’s WI Aquaculture Conference  - by Bob Robinson
  • Meet Corey Peet: An interesting visit with the guy who oversees the Seafood Watch program for Monterey Bay Aquarium - by Bob Robinson
  • Coming Events: Shows, conferences, and more
  • Aquaculture Perspectives: Will aquaculture be a casualty of the War on Science?On the cover: Court jester Jamie Anderson displays one of many items up for bid at this year’s NAA fundraising auction held in conjunction with Aquaculture America 2015 in New Orleans. (Rick Martin photo)

... Plus, News, Coming Events - and much much more!

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