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FROM THE FIELD: Producing food, fish, and lots of smiles at the Hunger Task Force farm and fish hatchery in WI

FRANKLIN, WI – Like many of you who have to spend much time hunched over a computer or behind a desk, I tend to think any day is a great day to be out on a fish farm.

SH-RobinsonBut I might have been rethinking that a bit this past April when I headed over to a suburb of Milwaukee to have a look at the Hunger Task Force farm and fish hatchery.

Winter was slow to leave the Badger State this year and my farm visit happened to fall on a 40° day with blustery winds that would peel bark off a birch tree.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  Chilly as it was that day, it was almost balmy after a winter that brought record snowfalls and deep frost (up to 8′ in places) that froze up or burst many water lines.

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